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1. The chute feeds the cotton tufts to carding machine and lead the output to increase more than 20%, the cost will lower due to labor saving.

2. With opening effect can help to ensure equalization of tuft stable for feeding.

3. The continous fedding device, makes its capacity up to 100 kg/hour.

4. Automatic chute feed is available to be installed in different type of cards with execelent effect.


1. Feeding duct

Made of stainless steel, it’s used for feeding cotton.

2. Pressure device

It’s specially designed of the pressure fan box with pressure fan, it’s used while the beater to open the cotton and press the cotton tufts tightly.

3. Major machine

This machine is not only designed with rollers, beater and all control devices, but also can feed, open & store the cotton automatically.

4. Electric control panel

The operation control & wires of the machines are all installed internal. The machine’s external is installed with operation switch.

5. Supporting stand

It’s used to fix & feeder. In order to beautify the stand, we make it’s profile as a box.

the Difference between Scutcher and Chute Feed

Ò Scutcher forms Lap

Phisicly shaped, that it can be moved to another side.Usually at older blowing lines, lap is formed because the card is placed at another side from the blowroom, that the lap has to be moved

Ò Chute Feed forms Fleece

The fleece is unshaped. It is a tidy spreaded flocks that ready to be feeded to the card.

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