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An Unforgettable Day

This is the first time that i write an article using english.. sorry for any grammar mistakes.😀

6729_1138165851574_1459832_nI felt as usual at that time. When i was 17 years old, i had a good team. It’s consisted of my classmates. we called geng motor. hha We always did everything together. In 30th july 2008, it was free day. It means that we had a good time to take a walk. Suddenly one of my friends said “let’s enjoy our holiday, going to kuningan is a good idea”. I replied “sounds great, it would be exciting dude”.

in the day after, we went to kuningan in 30th july 2008 and we arrived at dharma lake. As usual human being, we took several pictures in good place. An then we felt tired out and sat down. We ate some snacks which we had bought before. I was shocked when one of my friends took a birthday cake for me. “oh my God, what a shocking day. I forget the day which i was born, that i totally forget it ! I said. Actually my friends had prepared it well for me. thanks god, thaks my friends, i love yaa.

After enjoying this moment, we went home. Suddenly on the way when we enjoy our riding, the police man stopped us because we had made a mistake at traffic sign. Really i didn’t realize it cause the sign of traffic was not seen. All of my friends except me an300876_1981198006480_664549849_nd agus could escape. We are arrested by the police man. Ouh shit man.. hah ! i had to pay Rp 80.000, if i want to be free at that time. “damn it, i am arrested by the fuck*ng police man here” i said angrily. Do u know ? 80k is pretty big value for me as a senior high school student. Oh willy nilly i had to pay it.

After i can solve that problem with the police man, i will always remember it. Extremely unforgettable moment that we have done. Take it wisely and positively that we have to obey every rule whenever, wherever, and however.

Finally, The 30th july 2008 will always be my special day.

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  1. 23 February 2014 at 07:24

    hahahahqa….. still remember that

  2. Ratna
    8 May 2014 at 08:27

    It’s unforgettable Moment too for me^^…kapan kesana lg?30juli ini kah xixiii….

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