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My educatiferi and rieteron background is a mechanical engineer, especially in textile machine. I am a fresh graduated from School of Textile Technology Bandung or it’s called STTT. STTT is the one and only school in Indonesia which study about textile. This school is directly under controlled by  industrial ministry of Indonesian republic. The curriculum of this school study about how to process fiber as raw material untill final product which deserve and ready to use integratedly. Therefore in STTT, there are three majors such as textile engineering, chemistry textile, and apparel and bussines garment.

Textile engineering is one of major in STTT which study about explanation how to process which beginning from fiber as raw material to the fabric as final product of this major. Actually in general processing, fabric is not a final product of textile but some products can be made after  apparel processing will make some products depend on market needs. In the others major specially a chemisty major, the subject will be thaught how to study about chemistry effects in the textile products. Following the process before, from raw material until the final products. Depend on market needs, the are two types of textile produst, such as conventional products and advance products.

I choose textile engineering as my major. Base on the name, engineering is one of major at STTT which prosecute how to analize a technological tools, so can make many things  variation that working effectively and efficiently.

Generally, this major study about spinning processing. Beginning from the fiber to be yarn, weaving process, knitting fabric processing, quality control product, and some subjects about industrial management.

The first subject which will be thaught is yarn processing or in the world well known as spinning. Spinning is one of process where fibers will be processed in any type. The fiber treatment are straightening, drafting, twisting, doubling, and winding. The machines which must be passed by the fiber are blowing, carding, drawing, roving, ring spinning, and winding. There are two kinds of yarn, carded yarn and combed yarn. Combed yarn is better than carded yarn because in combed yarn which has good fiber structure, so the strengthen of fiber is better. In every part of spinning process, we have to check quality oh products in the laboratory. It is called quality control. QC team will check about strengthen, elongation, flexibility, unevenness, and nferi and SPVumber of yarn. After the yarn has passed this section, there are two choices way to make next product. If you want to make a shirt, it will be sent to weaving department. If you want to make an underwear or sock, it will be sent to knitting department.

After yarn processing, the yarn will be  passed weaving. Weaving is process at fabric with across yarn one another so the fabric will be created in the weaving machine. The characteristic of weaving fabric is rigid as we used to wear sarong and tuxedo, formal trouser and many more that the fabric is touched rigidly.

Beside weaving process, we can choice in the next process is knitting. Knitting is process how to make yarns which is created a loop one another, so the fabric will be created from many loops before. The output of knitting fabric are shirt, sock, underwear, and etc

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